ATOMIC ROCK - Langenboom (Noord-Branbant, NL) 1980

ATOMIC ROCK was formed in 1980 by guitarists Frensesco Henst and Tom Verstegen. Drummer Marcel Gerrits, bassist Peter Verstegen and (female) vocalist Yvonne van der Meide joined pretty soon. The band started to cover songs from British bands like JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN. Later on, the band starts to write their own material. They also appear on the second edition of the Metal Power 7" series. Their featured song is called "The Spy", which could have been made in England. Oh yes, clear NWOBHM influences. But after all it's an enjoyable song and shows once again how NWOBHM was important for the Dutch metal wave too. This song was recorded in '83, which was the same year they called it a quit. Surprisinly, 16 years later in '99 the band starts the project "A tribute to Judas Priest". Right now, the band is 'active' under the name ATOMIC ROCK again and they even appeared on the "Rock of the 80's" festival together with bands like M-BUSH.
(text conducted by Julian Klaassen)

Yvonne van der Meide - vocals
Erik de Vocht - vocals
Francesco Henst - guitars
Rob Hellemons - guitar/vocals
Tom Verstegen - guitar/vocals
Peter Verstegen - bass
Edwin Schotman - drums

*Metal Power pt. II (compilation 7 inch 1984; featured song: "The Spy")


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