BLACK KNIGHT - Amsterdam (Noord-Holland, NL) 1982 - active

Amsterdam based BLACK KNIGHT originates from the early eighties, when heavy metal was at its peak. Founded by drummer Rudo Plooy and guitarist Ron Monné (a.k.a. Ronnie Money), they used the name CAPTURE very shortly but soon changed it into BLACK KNIGHT. Even though they faced a difficult time, when the heavy metal scene deflated at the end of that decade, BLACK KNIGHT stayed true to their conviction. Regardless of any new musical styles, that came up and florished, they continued playing old school heavy metal. Their loyalty to the music they love most seems to get rewarded now that heavy metal is back on the rise. With new bands such as PEGAZUS and HAMMERFALL conquering high ranks in the European hitparades, the time seemed right for BLACK KNIGHT to finally record their debut album CD “Tales From The Darkside”. It can hardly be a surprise the songs on “Tales From The Darkside” are being associated with bands such as IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST. Metal magazines such as Aardschok (Netherlands) and Heavy Oder Wass (Germany) rated them very highly after listening to the demo recordings for “Tales From The Darkside”. Shortly after they were discovered and signed by a new Dutch independant record company Neon Records. The release on their label Aeon Records is scheduled for early 2000.
(text conducted by Stefan van Zijl)

Dirk van de Plas - vocals
Jenny van den Goor – vocals/keys
Richard Lowensteijn – guitar/vocals (R.I.P 2005)
Pieterbas Borger – vocals (ex-WHITE SPIRIT, NL)
Devlin van de Eikenhof – vocals
Marcel van der Haven - vocals
Jan Jurrians - bass
Willem Ros - bass (ex-QUEST)
Hans Heider - bass
Ron Monné – guitars
Maarten Ludekuize – guitars
Wouter van der Schans – guitars (ex-HAMMERHAWK)
Bas Poot – guitars
Romke Boschma – guitars (ex-SCHIZOPHRENIA, ex-QUEST)
Gertjan Vis – guitars
Olaf Smit – guitars
Richard Tseng – guitars
Jelle Boersma – guitars (ex-SCHIZOPHRENIA)
Melvyn Christiaans – guitar (ex-KISS THIS, ex-QUESTIONMARK)
Bernie Flapper - guitars
Rudo Plooy – drums (ex-QUEST)

*I’m Not Too Blame (Demo 1987)
*Searching For The Unknown (Demo 1990)
*Excavated (Demo 1992)
*Tales From The Darkside (CD 1998)
*The Beast Inside (CD 2007)


[Updated: January 17, 2013]