BLACK MAIL - Haps (Noord-Holland, NL) 1982

BLACK MAIL was formed in '82 by the brothers Cor and Erik van der Ven (drums and guitar). They came from the small village Haps (in Brabant). The other members: Bart Peeters Weem (bass), Erik Peters (guitar) and Mart Beelen (vocals). The band played pretty British-like metal (like a lot of Dutch bands) and also covered songs from bands like JUDAS PRIEST, SAXON, IRON MAIDEN, Y&T and AC/DC. But they also played some original songs. This band reformed in '02 to do one concert on the 'Hops kent Hops' festival in June '02. Guitarists Erik Peters was replaced by Ronny Hendriks for this concert. The crowd loved this concert and the band was invited to play support for BLF, which is a big and famous Dutch pop band. So in October '03 BlACK MAIL opened for BLF, and nothing much was heard afterwards.
(text conducted by Julian Klaassen)

Mart Beelen - vocals
Erik van der Ven - guitar
Erik Peters - guitar
Bart Peeters Weem - bass
Cor van der Ven - drums
Ronny Hendriks - guitar


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