BLACK OUT - Zwolle (Overijssel, NL) 1982

This band from Zwolle starts in 1982 and rise from the ashes of bands like GODZILLA, VANEAST and ZENITH (a band who was supportact for VANDALE and PICTURE). On their demos, BLACK OUT plays hardrock with many breaks and great guitarwork. At this moment they have beside singer Bas van Sloten also Bianca van Wijk as a female singer. Live they rock the show with their own light-show and strip act on stage. Anyway, it is the first demo which takes the band on the Metal Power compilation single. It takes the band another step further, because Roadrunner got interested and the band signed a deal, as the first Dutch heavy metal band, to make a full-length LP. With producer Ton van den Bremer (known for his work with PICTURE) they go to the Wisseloord studios. In 1984 the LP "Evil Game" comes out. Although there was quite a budget for the production, it didn’t worked out very good and the lay-out was really impressive. But it’s the music that counts and the reviews from that time didn’t work in their favour too. The Lp gives us typical Dutch heavy metal with SAXON/ACCEPT and MOTORHEAD influences. There are some songs like ‘Ice Age Hunter’ and "Victim Of The Night" and can stay above average that makes the Lp worth while to have in your collection. After a lack of success with the Lp, Roadrunner steps out and Black Out looks out for their revenge. A few demos follows, but after a few years the band split up.
Jean Hoffman lands in STRANGER and Mannes van Oosten tries it with a prestigious rock opera, VANEAST’s "Out Of Control", which doesn’t have success either.
We have to wait till 1999 when the announcement comes that four of the five original members are back together. The goal is to play once and in a while for good times sake. They bring out some CDR’s with lots of unreleased stuff. It shows that after the "Evil Game"period the band went more melodic.
In 2000, Mannes van Oosten starts with a new (style: gothic doom) band called TO ELYSIUM, which is getting more and more succesfull. But BLACK OUT stays alive and well and will play anywhere on request. Their - on the moment of writing - last concert was held in Hoorn in october of 2005. BLACK OUT rocked at the yearly Heavy Metal Maniacs festival. They closed their gig with some JUDAS PRIEST covers.
(text conducted by Stefan van Zijl)

Bas van Sloten – vocals
Jean Hoffman – guitar
Mannes 'Manny' van Oosten – guitar [R.I.P]
Alfred ‘De Dreuge’ Kerst – bass
Jan Boxem – drums

*Demo (1983)
*Evil Game (LP Roadrunner 1984)
*The Demos (CDR 1999)
*The beginning for die hards only (CDR 1999)
*Wishingwell (EP 2004)


[Updated: July 07, 2012]