DEATHWISH - Zaandam (Noord-Holland, NL) 1980 - 1985

DEATHWISH was formed by the two Krancher brothers in 1980. Drummer Cliff Krancher and guitarist Vincent Krancher started DEATHWISH at a very young age (Vincent only being 14 years old!). Soon Bert Dijkema (bass) and Jelle Wiersma (vocals) joined the band. In 1982, the band realeases it's first demo named "Seven days In Hell", which was good 80's hard rock/heavy metal with a Dutch touch (as can be heard on "Sinner"). The band wasn't really the most technical band on earth. But they did their music with class, rooted on early blues-orientated hard rock / metal. Just like a lot of NWOBHM bands! The band does a lot of gigs in the region of Amsterdam, like in the famous Paradiso and Melkweg. They even supported bands like the Japanese LOUDNESS! The band gets pretty well-known in their area, mainly due to the airplay the band gets on the national radio. Around 1985, the band splits up after various line-up changes. Vincent Krancher, who was a gifted guitarist for sure, continued with some guys under the banner of MOVER, which was in fact a more melodic rock band.
(text conducted by Paul v.d. Burcht/Stefan van Zijl/Julian Klaassen)

Jelle Wiersma vocals
Simon Menting - vocals
Vincent Krancher (Vinnie Kay) guitar (ex-MOVER)
Bert Dijkema - bass
Cliff Krancher - drums

*Seven Days In Hell (Demo 1982)
*Full Speed At High Level (Demo 1982)
*4th Strike (Demo 1984)

(pix from guitarist Vincent Krancher):

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