DESTROYER - The Hague (Zuid-Holland, NL) 1982

Founded early 82. After one year singer John Lee dies and the band with the awesome logo starts to hunt for a new singer. They try many singers with names like Jan, Philip and Andre. They mainly released rehearsal tapes at that time. The first one is more in the symphonic rock style, number two contains some good and fast NWOBHM, number three with hard rock, number four with ballads and number five more in the JIMI HENDRIX style. DESTROYER played very different styles and it seems the band was not really sure what style they wanted to play. But then, finally, an official demo is released, this time with Jan van der Molen on vocals. The band shows a good form and delivers great heavy metal/hard rock songs with hilarious titles like "SOS SOS"(Sons of Satan Save Our Souls), "Chained,Wild and Horny", "Fuckin For Virginity" and "Trapped In The Cage Of Doom". What happened next? We unfortunately do not know.
(text conducted by Stefan van Zijl)

Jan van der Molen vocals
Philip Mordaint - bass
Andre Kri drums

*S/T (Demo 198?)


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