ELISE - Balkbrug (Overijssel, NL) 1985 - 1991


First time we hear from ELISE is in ’85, when the band release their "Fighters" demo.
An impressive six track demo, which puts the band directly on the heavy metal map. Straight forward heavy metal, mostly in mid-tempo played. So great headbang stuff! Next to that the production is quite good for a recording in a 8-track studio(!!). Highlights of the demo are "At Night" and "Never say Never".
A year later the band adds a second guitarist, Jannes Bloemert, who came from VAULT. With him in the ranks, the band enters at the end of ’86 again this amazing 8-track studio.
Again the band records a six track demo. This time the guitars sound much heavier. Probably thanks to the influence of Jannes. Again the band delivers good solid heavy metal, which should be appealing to every heavy metal fan out there. But the band stays a local band, which is hardly to be seen live in the rest of the country (not to even mention foreign countries).
Then in ’88 their third and last demo is released, called ‘Elise’. A four track demo this time. The metal turned a little bit more melodic, but still very typical ELISE. Although the riff in "Come Back" sounds a lot like "Hard Life" from HELLOISE. But still, a good quality demo.
In 1990 finally an album is released on CD, "No Time for Masquerade". A ten track album with, like the three demos, good solid straight forward heavy metal/hard rock songs with several songs from the previous demos on it. But it doesn’t deliver what band hoped for and in ’91 the band call it a day and stops.
Some years later the song "Seven Witches" from the second demo suddenly appears on a compilation CD from a German company, called Laser Light. It smells like a bootleg of someone, who tries to make some easy money. And one can wonder, if the band gave permission for it.
(text conducted by Stefan van Zijl)

Note: After almost eighteen (!!) years, ELISE played a reunion show in 2011 in Veeningen. Check it out here: Elise live 2011 (live review by Toine van Poorten)

Gert Hento – vocals
Thomas Duiveman – guitars
Jannes Bloemert – guitars (ex-VAULT / WARWICK)
Henk van Mierlo – bass
Rieks Vogelzang – drums

*Fighters (Demo 1985)
*Seven Witches (Demo 1986)
*Elise (Demo 1988)
*No Time For Masquerade (CD 1990)


From left to right; Demos 1-3 ELISE and "No Time For Masquerade" CD

old band pic of ELISE

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