ELIXIR - Haarlem (Noord-Holland, NL) 1984 - 1986

Haarlem is known as the city where SWORD and JEWEL came from. Not many people know there was another band which came from this great beautiful city (ahum, yours truly lives there, too).
In 1984 the two brothers Luciphär (Arnold Smits) and the Wizard (Wim Smits) start ELIXIR after calling their band NIGGLER for a short while. With Firepower Krom (Ronald Krom) on drums and Iron Franco (Giacomo Simbula) on vocals, the band was completed. Their first demo was simple called "Elixir 1" and already showed how talented these guys were. Metal in the vein of IRON MAIDEN / SAXON / JUDAS PRIEST. Soon after that, they released a second demo, "Power Will Let You Fall". A good demo with great guitarwork and containing the songs: "Elixir", "Niggler", "Micropyle", "Red Death" and "Warlord". Great stuff!
In '86 the band stopped and each member went his way. Arnold Smits played in many (not metal) bands after that and had national success. He even was in national top 40 in the 90s with DE RAGGENDE MANNE. Ronald Krom took a turn to funk music and was very successfull with GOTCHA playing all the big festivals and halls in Holland. Later he became a well-known producer/DJ as well. Wim Smits joined SWORD (later JEWEL) and in the 90s ZARATHUSTRA. Wim was in fact the only one, who stayed in the metal scene. Looking back now, ELIXIR was a very talented group of people, who unfortunately didn't stay active in the metal scene, but were all successfull in the music business.
(text conducted by Stefan van Zijl)

Iron Franco (Giacomo Simbula) - muzzle (vocals)
Luciphär (Arnold Smits) - middle & high strings (guitars) (ex-NIGGLER)
The Wizard (Wim Smits) - low strings (bass) (ex-SWORD/JEWEL/ZARATHUSTRA and NIGGLER)
Firepower Krom (Ronald Krom) - battery (drums) (ex-NIGGLER)

*Demo 1 (Demo 1984)
*Power Will Let You Fall (Demo 1985)


Second demo of ELIXIR

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