ELIXIR - Leersum (Utrecht, NL) 1983 - 1990

One of the hidden diamonds in the Dutch heavy metal scene in the 80s!! In 1983 the band is founded by Dolf Blommert and followed by a coming and going of band members. Drummer Damian van de Erve survived it and became one of the core members. In ’84 bassist Tom van Hal joins up. In ’85 the first demo is released and shows a little bit what the band is up to. At the end of ’85 singer Frankie Nipple, who sang in legendary punk band THE ZERO's, replaces Arco de Kroon and it seems it does the band good, cause on the second demo, released in ’86, the band improved their skills and song writing. Only the production is not really good (even for a demo). But it helps the band getting their gigs and work on their live performance.
Their third demo "Fatal If Swallowed" is a pearl of the Dutch heavy metal scene. Great musical skills with Bill Tsamis (WARLORD) style guitar solos!! Also great song writing from Dolf Blommert. Lyrics from Frankie and Damian about social problems in daily life (but not about love of course). Everything seems to fit. Songs like "Fool Among Fools", "The Loner" or "Half The Truth" would be classics by now, if it ever would have been released on vinyl in these days. Were the record companies sleeping in those days???
In ’89 EXPLODER released its fourth demo "Blessing In Disguise". The lyrics are based on a poem from a refugee from Iran, who fled from the warzone. The songs are faster, speedier than the older songs, but again, the band manage to write some absolutely great songs. "Convicted", "Goliath" and "Free Tomorrow" can blow anyone away, who loves speedy heavy metal with catchy refrains and a taste for good melodies. Apparently, the band didn’t survived the 80s, because there is no sign of life in the 90s. Too bad, because EXPLODER is a good example of the great Dutch heavy metal bands, who never made the vinyl. Can somebody please put EXPLODER on CD (or vinyl) one day?
But what happened with the guys? Well, we do got to know what happened with singer Frankie. Frankie Nipple (or Frank Nendels as his real name is) started acting lessons in 1990 and got his first role in the Dutch film "Angie" (1993). He played a mafia member!! After that, he played in several films like "Incognito" (a Hollywood Warner Bros film) and "Floris". And in several Dutch TV series like "All Stars" and "Meiden van de Wit", playing mostly a criminal!! And guess what, Frankie is still active as singer as well. He sings in THE TOUCH, a rock/nederbeat band.
(text conducted by Stefan van Zijl)

Frankie Nipple - vocals
Dolf Blomhert – guitars
Tom van Hal – bass
Damian van de Erve - drums

*Demo 1 (Demo 1985)
*Future Glory (Demo 1986)
*Fatal If Swallowed (Demo 1987)
*Blessing in Disguise (Demo 1989)
*Call From The Past (EP 2008 QuaeStore)



Various live pix of EXPLODER

Band picture of EXPLODER

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