FITZKIN - Arnhem (Gelderland, NL) 1979 - 1984 (reformed in 2011)

This hard rock band from Arnhem was formed in 1979, influenced by bands as SAXON, PAT TRAVERS and BUDGIE. Thanks to an ad in Music Maker, they found a drummer in the person of Rob Engelman. The band rehearses twice a week at the Jacobiberg in Arnhem. Goal was to play live as much as possible and that happens. Mainly in the south, in the east of Holland and even a few gigs in Germany. Highlight was doing a support gig for MOTORHEAD. During the years, the band released several demos. The band really gets noticed in ’82, when the band plays on the 'Heavy Metal Thunder' day alongside with bands like JAGUAR. It was the first gig for guitarist Wil Haak, who replaced Theo Gelauf. A bright future seemed to be ahead for the band, until bass player Ben Jansse was involved in a car crash and dies. Ben was replaced by Barend Courbois, son of the famous jazz drummer Sir Pierre Courbois. Musically, Barend (a bass genius) took the band to a higher level, but the band didn’t get as much gigs as they were used to. In 1984 the band quits and the guys moved on to other bands. Barend Courbois had a long successful career in bands as VENGEANCE and WHISTLER/COURBOIS/WHISTLER.
In 2011, the band reformed in nearly the same line-up, except the drummer. Roy Regterschot takes over the spot of Rob Engelman. The 'Back On Stage-Tour' is a fact, as well as some shows and a CD, entitled "Go Nutz" with own-penned songs, that will see the light in the summer of 2012.
(text conducted by Stefan van Zijl and Toine van Poorten)

Wil Haak – vocals/guitars [from 1981]
Theo Gelauf – guitars
Ben Jansse – vocals /bass [died in 1982]
Barend Courbois - bass [from 1982]
Eddy Grotenhuis – vocals/guitars [from 1997]
Rob Engelman – drums
Roy Regterschot - drums [from 30-4-2011]

*Demo 1 (1980)
*Demo 2 (198?)
*Demo 2 (198?)


[Updated: October 12, 2012]