FRANKENSTEIN - Zuidwolde/Dedemsvaart (Drenthe, NL) 1972 - 1987

FRANKENSTEIN (yes, these guys found theirselves very attractive, I guess) was formed in 1972, heavily inspired by JIMI HENDRIX’ music, but also BLACK SABBATH’s first record. Soon the band had the reputation of being a heavy and raw one. Where FRANKENSTEIN played, people drank beer and raised hell. The band even came up wearing clogs in the early days! Next to that, they did even crazier acts, like using a vibrator to play guitar solos (hello ANVIL!). In the late seventies, the band was quite popular and played about 50/60 gigs a year, of which a lot gigs with the famous beer/farmer rock band NORMAAL. NORMAAL wanted FRANKENSTEIN to sing in east-Dutch dialect too, but FRANKENSTEIN decided to have English lyrics. In 1979, they entered the Flowertree Studio to record some songs for the “Northern Lights” compilation LP. One year later FRANKENSTEIN appeared on the famous Aardschok/Rave-on Records “Metal Clogs” LP together with bands like IMPACT and GILGAMESJ (and of course CROSSFIRE, clog wearing Belgians, I suppose?). The two tracks on the compilation LP (“I Sold My Soul” and “Lady Luck”) are pretty nice heavy hard rock (and roll) songs. In this time the band even opened for MOTORHEAD on a popfestival in Lochem. Then the band splits up for a while, because of different opinions and because vocalist Bert Slomp moved to Finland.
In 1983 guitarist Berthus Westerhuis decides to bring new life into FRANKENSTEIN with three other and new members. Guitarist Berthus and the new bass player Harrie van Ingen own a lot of amps, which always looked impressive on stage. Next to that FRANKENSTEIN, which still didn’t release a record or whatever, owned a big truck too. They even had six roadies in that time! Most of the time they concentrated on drinking beer though....
They also started to give special liveshows, like in the Tamboer in Hoogeveen. The band came on stage with a coffin and presented the crowd a horror show, inspired by ALICE COOPER. In 1984 the band starts their 'Back From The Grave' tour and finally releases something; a seven inch named “Don’t Cry When I Die” b/w "Jesus". It’s limited to 1000 copies and considered a rarity nowadays. In 1985, the band welcomes two new members again (a new drummer and bassist). Nothing really special happened with the band and in 1987 they call it quits.
Berthus Westerhuis is still active in the music though; now as a producer and engineer in his own recording studio. He recorded and produced the CD of ELISE, but also stuff of death metal bands like GOD DETHRONED and ALTAR and more Dutch bands. The only question that still remains is: why did a such long running and successful (on stage) band not release any full-length album?
(text conducted by Julian Klaassen)

Note: FRANKENSTEIN played a reunion gig in 2010 with no less than fifteen former members Frankenstein live 2010 (review by Toine van Poorten). Also, the band (finally!!) released a CD with songs from 1980-1984. In 2011, a DVD of this spectacular live concert could be purchased at the live show of ELISE, which is a real 'must' for your collection. If you want a copy, go to: for more information.
Berthus Westerhuis plays in the band JURASSIC PARK, together with bass player Roelof Kloeze, John Scholing and Con Vinke (ex-STRANGER). Visit the official JURASSIC PARK webste here: JURASSIC PARK

Line-up 1972-1978:
Bert Slomp - vocals
Berthus Westerhuis - guitar
Roelof Kloeze - bass
Rieks Vogelzang - drums (ex-ELISE)

Line-up 1981:
Bert Slomp - vocals
Berthus Westerhuis - guitar
Roelof Kloeze - bass
Jos Koek - drums

Line-up 1982:
Ruud Stevens - vocals
Berthus Westerhuis - guitar
Harrie van Ingen - bass
Rob Bredewoud - drums

Line-up 1984:
Ruud Stevens - vocals
Berthus Westerhuis - guitar
Henk Kamermans - bass (ex-DARK WIZARD)
Alfred Kers - drums (ex-BLACKOUT)

Line-up 1987:
Rudi Stevens - vocals
Berthus Westerhuis - guitar
Rindert Leegsma - bass
Rob Poelman - drums

*Northern Lights (compilation LP 1979; Tracks: "I sold my soul")
*Metal Clogs (compilation LP 1980 Rave on records/Aardschok; Tracks: "I sold my soul" & "Lady Luck")
*"Don't Cry When I Die" b/w Jesus" (seven inch single 1984)
*Cassette Bootleg 1980-1984 (independent CD 2009)


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