GERMANE - Alkmaar (Noord-Holland, NL) 198?

I heard about GERMANE for the first time during the glory days of good old BODINE in 1983. GERMANE toured as support act of VANDENBERG in 1984-1985 and also got help by VANDENBERG manager Kees Baars to gain a record deal. Unfortunately, it never happened. Several years, demos and line-up changes later, GERMANE strikes back again. Their line-up includes some well-known names, like Thijs Hamelears (ex-SEDUCER) and Andre Wullems (ex-LOST GRAVITY) on guitar. Co-guitarist and founder of the band is Ruud Ruitenschild (JINX). On bass, we have Andre’s brother Peter Wullems and drummer Paul Bruyn completes GERMANE. They release another studio demo in 1987, called “Heavy Duty”, which has Andre’s predecessor Co Oudhoff on guitar. Opener “Stranger In The Night” shows, that GERMANE plays heavy rock with a lot of feeling for melody. It’s a great song and very well arranged with some nice harmony vocals. Here and there you can hear the keyboards, like in the more peaceful ballad “You And I”. Very remarkable in this song however is the bass solo. You don’t hear that very much in hard rock songs. The epic and majestic “The King” closes this very well produced demo. I don’t know what happened after this demo, except that singer Thijs died in 2000. More recetly, some former band members played a one-time only reunion concert in 2010 to remember him. If anybody can fill up some gaps, please get in touch with our webmaster.
(text conducted by Toine van Poorten)

John Beijer – vocals
Thijs Hamelears – vocals (ex-STEEL FORREST, SEDUCER, SLEEZ BEEZ)
Ruud Ruitenschild - guitar (now in JINX)
Co Oudhoff - guitar
Andre Wullems – guitar (ex-LOST GRAVITY)
Marcelino Arconada - guitar (ex-BLACK SUN)
Peter Wullems – bass
Paul Bruyn – drums

*Demo (4 songs 198?)
*Metal In Rocks pt. 1 (compilation LP 1988; "Back To The Future" & "She Tells Me Stories")

[Updated: July 08, 2012]