HELLOISE - Rotterdam (Zuid-Holland, NL) 1984 - 1989; 1996 - present


HELLOISE started out in 1984, when drummer Ernst van Ee (a.k.a. Eric Noise, who presented the hardrockprogramm ‘Heard And Heavy’and later on ‘Rockballads’ in the eighties on Free Radio Rotterdam) and guitarist Ben Blaauw left HIGHWAY CHILE after differences of opinion. The name HELLOISE is derived from the Greek mythology. They find a great singer in Stan Verbraak (ex-ZEBRA) and Arjan Boogerds and Marchell Remeeus are respective the new guitarist and bass guitarist (both ex-LEMMING). After a year they are the only hardrockband to get in the semi-finals of 'De Grote Prijs van Nederland'. By that time, the band gets signed at WEA. The recordings for their first album “Cosmogony” are conducted by producer John Sonneveld (who also produced NORMAAL and later VENGEANCE, SlEEZE BEEZ, VALENSIA and the GOLDEN EARRING). With a guest appearance on this album by Robert-Jan Stips (keyboards), known from SUPERSISTER, GOLDEN EARRING, THE NITS and Ron Bird (radio voice).
1986 is the year that the second album “Polarity” is being released after a short period of writing new material. It has the same producer as the first album, namely John Sonneveld, who also does a guest appearance on keyboards. Some critics say this album has a more adult sound comparing to “Cosmogony”, while others say HELLOISE couldn’t make the big expectations true, but they're just critics. The band gained a lot of success and get nominated for the BV Popprijs. They co-operate with the 'Nederlandse artiesten voor Afrika-project’(Dutch artists for Africa project) and perform with THE STAR SISTERS in the Dutch TV-program ‘Los vast kuipspektakel’.
In 1987 HELLOISE leaves a deep impression on national and international level with a prestigious show at the Ahoy in Rotterdam with contributions of people such as Peter Strykes, Arjen Lucassen, Robby Valentine en the US white metal band STRYPER. In the meantime, the international record industry has a hard time. The introduction of the CD (do you remember?) is coming up and should save everything, but this would still take some time. Record label WEA (Warner Bros) in the USA throws out all its national artists. Despite all their ambitious plans, HELLOISE slowly falls apart….
In the years 1988-1995, it gets very quiet around the band. While Stan, Arjan and Marchell are taking a musical break, Ernst and Ben continued in the business. Ernst played drums with several musicians and bands (PETER MAGNEE, TAMAS ZEKERESS, VENGEANCE, MISHA CALVIN, IAN PARRY). He also joins THRENODY. Ben took jazz classes and found out he actually didn't like jazz at all. He joins BERTUS BORGERS & THE GROOVE, but leaves in 1993. He forms BIG BUCKS & EASY MONEY and K'BAM after that together with Anton Arema. After years of silence, Pseudonym Records released two albums on one CD and HELLOISE went on tour under the monnicker 'Just For The Record Reunion Tour', which turned out quite successful. They also start working on new material for the third album, “A Time And A Place”.
In 1998 the band gets into the studio with producer Oscar Holleman (ANTHONY, AYREON, UNDECLINABLE AMBUSCADE and many more) and in March the single “Madelene” sees the light. They also record a videoclip for this song. On April 10th 1998, “A Time And A Place” is officially released. It has guest appearances by Arjen Lucassen on guitars and René Merkelbach on keyboards, known from GOREFEST and VALS LICHT. Not long afterwards, the song "After The War" is released on a CD single with a accompanying video clip. At the end of April, the promotiontour of HELLOISE starts at the Blokhut in Rotterdam. And later in the year, a completely mixed and remastered version of “Polarity” is released on CD. Also both albums “Cosmogony” and “Polarity” are being reissued by Avalon records on CD for the Asian market. They sell extremely well.
In 2000 Ernst released a solo album, simply called “Van Ee” (H+H Records) with the vocals of Stan on two songs, “Sixteens” and “The Story Never Ends” and backing vocals on “Spaceman”. Ernst also replaced Andre Borgman in BLIND JUSTICE. Finally, in 2001 HELLOISE released a fourth album on the Transmission label, called “Fata Morgana”. On this (prog-rock oriented) album, the band decreased to three members, Stan, Ben and Ernst. It’s being produced by HELLOISE and co-produced by Hans Pieters (AFTER FOREVER). The album contains the great Barry Ryan cover “Eloise”. Once again there are some guest appearances and this time they have Robby Valentine (keyboards), Lana Lane (vocals) and Sascha Paeth (keyboards).
Ernst van Ee quits BLIND JUSTICE to reunite HIGHWAY CHILE in 2002. After a year Stan Verbraak replaces Robert Soeterboek on vocals. In 2003 Ernst van Ee joins Lana Lane and Erik Norlander. He also plays on a few CDs and a DVD. Inspired by an extraordinairy show at the Rotterdam ‘Havendagen’ during the spring of 2012, the original members of HELLOISE get together to organize an exclusive reunion show in the spring of 2013. The location will be at the Boerderij in Zoetermeer and the date is already confrmed for June 8th. Be there…HELLOISE Live 4 Life!!!
(text conducted by Toine van Poorten)

Stan Verbraak – vocals (HIGHWAY CHILE, VAN EE)
Ben Blaauw – guitars (ex-HIGHWAY CHILE)
Arjan Boogerds – guitars/backing vocals
Marchell Remeeus – bass (HIGHWAY CHILE)

*Cosmogony (LP 1985)
*Run A Mile (Single 1985)
*Cosmogony (Single 1985)
Polarity (LP 1986)
*For A Moment (Single 1986)
*Destination (Single 1986)
*So Close To Love (Single 1986)
*See Tomorrow (Single 1986)
*Cosmogony (CD release 1996 on Pseudonym Records + 9 bonus tracks)
*Polarity (CD release 1996 on Pseudonym records + 9 bonus tracks)
*A Time And A Place For Everyone (CD 1998)
*Madelene (Single 1998)
*After The War (Single 1998)
*Fata Morgana (CD 2001)


[Updated: June 22, 2013]