IRON FIST - Alkmaar (Noord-Holland, NL) 1986 - 1995


It's the 18th of december 2003, when at 8:30 PM my doorbell rings. Before me stands Marc Weisscher. Who the hell is Marc Weisscher you might think? Well, its the old guitarist of IRON FIST and he came to visit me for a little talk about his time in this band. Marc turned out to be a good talker and tells a lot from his IRON FIST years, while we listen to the "Loaded Gun" CD.
Its the end of 1986 when three guys, John Peter Kuiper (guitars), Marcel van Twuyver (bass/vocals) and Berthold Kops (drums) decide to form a band to put Alkmaar on the heavy metal map. While WOLVERINE, another band from Alkmaar, still has a lot of melodies in their music, IRON FIST takes a much rawer direction, more like SLAYER, METALLICA and MOTORHEAD. The band has a lot of MOTORHEAD songs in its setlist. In fact, the first one and a half years, the band is more or less a MOTORHEAD cover band and builds up quite a live reputation with that. In 1988, they release a seven inch single with two own written songs, "Sea of Blood' and "Bitch". They wanted to release 500 copies, but due to a mistake of the company there where finally 1000 of them.
End of 88/Early 89 singer John Peter Kuiper calls it a day and Marc Weisscher took over. With him in the line-up, the band releases a demo that year. In the meantime the fans noticed the band and even in America they have die-hard fans. The American fans let the band fly over to play a few gigs there. Actually, the band would have done 3 gigs in the USA, but in the end it was only 1, but in the famous CBGB club in New York. So at the 7th January 1990 the band plays their first concert in the USA. They record it and release it as live demo later on. Back home the band works on new material, recorded in 1991 and released it on CD in 1992 with the title "Loaded Gun". The band presents straight in your face' metal songs, which overwhelms you like an avalanche and creates a noise in your ears after you turned off the CD.
When I asked Marc, if he ever did any support gigs Marc looked at me with a smile and starts to talk about METAL CHURCH in the Melkweg in Amsterdam and a MANOWAR support gig. But their absolute highlight was in 1994 in Tilburg, when they opened for their heroes MOTORHEAD. The "Loaded Gun" CD had lots of great reviews (Aardschok magazine gave it 8 out of 10). Marc tells that with the saleS, they got back all their investments.
After the release rumours go around that IRON FIST would move more to the hard core style. "Bullshit" says Marc. "IRON FIST was always 100% metal with here and there some punk influences, because some members were in punk bands before IRON FIRST started". In 1994, Marc leaves the band and was replaced by John Stam, but one and a half year later, the whole band stops.
For the interview, Marc did a little research in his attic and found three demos and two Cds plus a few copies of the seven inch single without sleeve.
After IRON FIST Marc stopped playing for a few years, but in 2002 he pops up in a band called EBO, in which also former LWS drummer Don Tesselaar plays.
Looking back on his IRON FIST times, Marc smiles again and says "Martin, we as little band from Alkmaar have been to the USA and played in the most famous thrash club there. Im still proud of those times and we accomplished a lot". A reunion is not really an option. Every member went his own way after the split and the founders dont even have contact with each other. Too bad says Marc because he sees all the members from time to time and can get along with all of them. Finally, a few words from Marc. "I hope that the people, who dont know us are interested in IRON FIST. I always gave my heart and soul for this band and we created our own style in Holland. Something Im proud of and Im surprised I was getting asked to do this interview. It gives me the feeling, that we didnt do it for nothing. Thanks all for your interest and I hope, we can re-release some stuff one day, so everyone has a chance to get it".
If you like bands such as HAMMERFALL, RHAPSODY and LABYRINTH, you will definitely not like IRON FIST and you'd better move on to the next bio on this site (Umm...Martin?, do we have bands here, who sound like that? Dont think so Stefan). But if you like SLAYER, MOTORHEAD, SODOM and CELTIC FROST, Im sure you will like IRON FIST!
(interview/article conducted by Martin Motorhead)
(translated by Stefan van Zijl and Julian Klaassen)

Marcel van Twuyver bass/vocals
John Peter Kuiper guitars
Marc Weisscher guitars
Berthold Kops drums

*Sea of Blood/Bitch (Single 1988)
*Demo (1989)
*Live at CBGBs (Demo 1990)
*Loaded Gun (CD 1992)
*Motor Sex Mania (CD 1994)


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