JAGANNATH - Nijverdal (Overijssel, NL) 1995


Holland has never been the biggest thrash country in the eighties. Luckily, there are some true quality bands in this genre. JAGANNATH is one of them. They formed in 1985 in Nijverdal (a town in the east). The band was influenced by bands like NASTY SAVAGE, HALLOW'S EVE, but also names like TROUBLE. They released their first demo in 1988, which was a four tracker. Opener "Flight Of The Goblin" is somehow a classic; maybe because of the incredible heavy guitar sound. In between the lot of thrash bandS, which had a thin guitar sound, JAGANNATH really excelled in creating a thick wall of guitars. Just like HALLOW'S EVE, JAGANNATH had a little horror-like atmosphere on the demo, maybe because of the pretty creepy vocals. One year later JAGANNATH released its second demo, called "Crionic Substance". This band progressed a lot in this year, 'cause with this demo they turned out into a much more technical band. Still awesome thrash, with some slower (TROUBLE-like) parts, too. These guys could really play, while vocalist Egbert delivers some creepy vocals again. Even though the quality of both demos was pretty high, the band never released a full-lenght album. After years of silence, JAGANNATH did a reunion gig at the Raise Your Fist festival in 2005. Even though it was still early, when they played their set, the songs certainly survived the test of time. Later that year, the band also did a gig in France. Since then, it became pretty silent around JAGANNATH again...
(text conducted by Julian Klaassen)

Egbert Berenst - vocals
Alwin Besselink - guitar (ex-SKULLCRUSHER)
Gert-jan Aaltink - guitar
Jeroen Haas - bass
Barry Rozenkamp - bass
Mark Portier - bass (ex-ADETAR)
Ric Brand - drums
Wilfred Grootenhuis - drums

*Demo I (1988)
*Crionic Substance (Demo 1989)


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