LOST GRAVITY - The Hague (Zuid-Holland, NL) 1982 - 1986


When we start a discussion about bands from The Hague, a lot of people will come up with names like BODINE and PROUD EXISTENCE. Or maybe ROADKILL, who are currently waving the flag of The Hague metal. But we certainly should not forget about LOST GRAVITY, since they wrote some excellent songs, too. The band was formed around '82 by singer/guitarist Andreas J. Vangeldorp. Actually, the band was some kind of follow-up for QUOTATION, who where - surprise surprise - a STATUS QUO cover band. In the early period LOST GRAVITY covered STATUS QUO songs too. After a while, they started writing their own songs. At this point the band changed a bit, because these songs didn't have too much to do with the typical STATUS QUO style at all. They recorded a two track demo named "End Of The Road", on which LOST GRAVITY sounded like a pure melodic heavy metal band. The track "Terror" was a typical example of a Dutch metal song including those Dutch galloping riffs, which remember to horse gallops. For sure a killer song!
The band also appeared on the "The Heavy Touch" compilation album with two songs ("Come Back" and "Dirty Lies"). After 1986, the band slowly faded away and nothing was heard ever since. Most certainly they split up in silence...
(text conducted by Stefan van Zijl)

Andreas J. Vangeldorp - guitars/vocals
Fonz Fortmann - guitars (ex-PLAIN)
Hanz ‘Big H’ Rappard - bass (ex-IMPACT)
Klaus ‘Smiling’Streitwolf - drums (ex-MOVER)

*End Of The Road (Demo 1985)
*The Heavy Touch (Compilation CD 1985; "End Of The Road" and "Terror")
*Lost Gravity (Demo 1987)


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