LOTUS - Groningen (Groningen, NL) 1984 - 1994


The first line-up (formed in 1982) of LOTUS is with Martin de Jong on drums and (very shortly) a guy named Theo on keyboards. The band debuts at the Sodom Rocks festival in Winschoten and plays along with bands such as GALAXY and SPEEDO (who later on call themselves WILD BUNCH, BIG BASTARDS or BARSTARS with Appie Alberts). In the very beginning, the music of LOTUS has been very much influenced by UFO, MICHAEL SCHENKER and SCORPIONS. However, when guitarist Eef Stel leaves the band and Fiebo 'Phybeau' Scholtens joins on guitar (who is a huge MALMSTEEN addict), the sound of LOTUS slowly moves towards a more harder metal style. In 1987, the band releases their first demo cassette, called "Invader". Clement Heineman (drums), Freddie Nicolai (guitars) and Robert de Keijser (vocals) replace the other band members. While bassist Ferry Vermeeren joins in 1989, after Jan Swijgman suddenly decided to quit. In 1990, the demo "State Of Nature" follows, which contains thirteen tracks. In a couple of years, LOTUS evolves from a metal band to a high quality pop/rockband with a style of its own. The third demo cassette "Bubbles" from 1992 is being called 'Demo of the month' in Dutch music magazine Music Maker and Aardschok/Metal Hammer, which is a nice achievement!. In 1992, LOTUS also takes part in the 'Grote Prijs van Nederland'. They play "How's Live" in the finals and win. Unfortunately, their expectations are a bit too high. The band doesn't get as many shows as they'd been hoping for and get very unmotivated. That means the end of LOTUS and the band disbands in 1994. Fiebo Scholtens starts BENJAMIN B. and later on the band SIAD with singer Robert de Keijzer.
(text translated by Rita van Poorten from the Groningen Pop archive)

Robert de Keijser - vocals (ex-SIAD, GRAVY)
Fiebo 'Phybeau' Scholtens - guitars (ex-BENJAMIN B./SIAD)
Feddie Nicolai - guitars
Ferry Vermeeren - bass
Clement Heineman - drums

Jan Swijgman - bass
Alfred Nap - vocals/guitar
Eef Stel - guitar

*Invader (Demo 1987; 8 tracks)
*State Of nature (Demo 1990; 13 tracks)
*Harder Than A Millstone (Compilation CD 1991; "Nightmare", "Shiwa", "The Boy In Me" and "Legend" )
*Bubbles (Demo 1992)


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