L.W.S. INC. - Alkmaar (Noord-Holland, NL) 1987 - 1997


L.W.S. Inc. or 'Lunatics Without Skateboards' was formed in November 1987 from the ashes of WHIPLASH and STRAY BULLETS. From STRAY BULLETS came Joost Stolk (guitar) and John Frijn (vocals) and from WHIPLASH came Dennis Hartog (guitar) and Manfred van Zadelhoff (bass). A drummer was found in Don Tesselaar. The guys knew each other for a long time, so they wanted to play just for fun like "Having a good time playing" and "We'll see how far we can make it". Their style of music is thrash Metal but with a feeling for melody comparing bands like TESTAMENT, EXODUS and DEATH ANGEL. They didn't want to play songs from their former bands, so they worked very hard making own songs. On 20th March 1988, L.W.S. went into the studio to record the infamous demo "Death And Die". This demo contains five songs with twenty minutes of playing time. L.W.S. inc. signed to the legendary Aaarrg Records. They established a reputation in the thrash scene by playing gigs with bands like CYCLONE, MANDATOR, UPSET NOISE and BLESSED DEATH. In April 1989, they recorded their first LP "Welcome To The Asylum" containing elements of hardcore, speed and thrash filled with an unidentifiable melodic sound. The lyrics are inspirated by fun, alcohol and movies. To mention a few songs: "Die A Violent Death", "1428 Elmstreet" and "Chop Till Death". One year later, they recorded another demo called "Second Coming", but after some period, Dennis, Manfred, Don and Joost were leaving the band. Only John was left and found new members in Roon (guitar) Renee (bass) and Maus (drums). They released the album "Reality" in 1995. The music was a big difference according to the sound of the "Welcome To The Asylum" album, but "Reality" was the last material L.W.S. Inc. ever recorded. John left L.W.S. Inc. in 1997. A reunion of the "Welcome To The Asylum" line-up will probably never happen.....
(text conducted by Stefan van Zijl)

John Frijn - vocals
Joost Stolk - guitars
Dennis Hartog - guitars
Manfred van Zadelhoff - bass
Don Tesselaar - drums

*Death And Die (Demo 1988)
*Welcome To The Asylum (LP Aaarrg Records 1989)
*Welcome To The Asylum (CD, incl. bonus tracks 1990)
*Second Coming (Demo 1991)
*Reality (CD 1995)
*Welcome To The Asylum (CD re-release + "Death And Die demo" Rusty Cage Records 2006)


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