MAESTRO - Leek (Groningen, NL) 1989 - 199? [reformed in 2008]


MAESTRO is founded in July 1989 by René van Zonneveld (bass guitar), Wietze Koning (guitar) and Orion Roos (guitar). Shortly after, drummer Herman van Mal joins the band, after reading an ad in a local newspaper. The band is completed with vocalist Wieke van der Veen, who has a rather warm voice. MAESTRO is a very dynamic band, that plays melodic heavy rock and writes their own compositions. They record two demo tapes at the Lowland Studios in Roderwolde.
In 2003, Orion Roos joins the heavy metal band VORTEX from Groningen and in 2004 they release the CD "Hammer Of The North", which includes two MAESTRO songs, namely "Where's My Gun" and "Rise, Shine & Fall". When bass player Harry Brinkman quits VORTEX a couple of years later, Rene van Zonneveld also joins in July 2006. Orion and Rene still play in VORTEX this very moment.
In the summer of 2008, MAESTRO is being reformed by Rene, Orion and Marlon van Balen. In 2009, Orion comes up with the idea to record a new demo as a CD single. Eventually, they record three songs in the studio of the Groningen academy of music. They are called "Forcefield" (instrumental), "On the Run" and the rock ballad "Goin' Back Home". John 'Jaycee' Cuijpers of PARRIS (and HARRIS) took care of the vocals. Unfortunately, their sound-engineer got a severe burn-out and the songs have never been mixed properly in the studio and never will. But you can listen to these (pre-mixed) songs on the band's My Space page []. MAESTRO still exists these days and they rehearse quite frequently. Many drummers have been coming and going and the band has a hard time finding a suitable singer. Currently, the band consists of Peter Douwenga on bass (ex-VORTEX), Marlon van Balen (guitars), Orion Roos (guitars) and Frank Tinge (RELOCATOR, ex-SUPERBUG) on drums. They are still looking for a steady singer (any suggestions among our readers????), which makes it almost impossible to play live with MAESTRO. According to guitairst Orion, the band has build up an amazing repertoire and they're eagerly waiting to show their songs to a broad audience!
(text conducted by Toine van Poorten)

Line-up 1:
Wieke van der Veen - vocals
Orion Roos - guitars (VORTEX)
Wietze Koning - guitars
Rene van Zonneveld - bass (VORTEX)
Herman van Mal - drums

Line-up 2:
Annemarie Vos - vocals
Orion Roos - guitars (VORTEX)
Paul Offerman - bass
Mark Richard Swart - drums

Line-up 2008:
Marlon van Balen - guitar
Pepijn Gros - drums
Eric van de Heijde - vocals (ex-STEEL AGAINST STEEL)
Orion Roos - guitars (ex-VENGEANCE, ex-WARREN, VORTEX)
René van Zonneveld - bass (ex-DOG-TAG, VORTEX)

*Demo 1 (Demo 1991; "Black Vision", "You Know Me", "Going Back Homw", "Crazy World")
*Demo 2 (Demo 1992; "Easy Come, Easy Go", "The Rainbow's End", "Life's Like A One Nigth Stand")


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