MANDATOR - Coevorden (Drenthe, NL) 1987 - 1994


In the late 80’s (1987 to be precise) speed metal band MYSTO DYSTO changed it’s name into MANDATOR. Reason? Their label, Disaster records from Germany demanded a change of name. Under this name, the guys turned up the speed a bit, so basicly MANDATOR falls under the banner of thrash metal. Between June 2 and August 15 the band records their first (at least, under their new name) LP. Just like their band name, the title of this record was decided by fans through Vara’s Vuurwerk. The name of the first Mandator LP: “Initial Velocity”. This record can compete with other international speed/thrash metal recordings. On this record there was also a more important role for Marcel Verdurmen, because next to the guitar he took care of the vocals. Two years later the band released its second (and last) LP “Perfect Progeny”. The recordings took place in August and September 1989 at the Music Lab studios in Berlin. The style is still a mix between speed and harsh thrash metal, with a few punk/hardcore influences this time.
The last sign of life however is in 1993. For unknown reasons MANDATOR releases another demo, namely “Strangled”. Today, only memories are left. The band never got really big, but still is a (inter-)national respected band. In 2001, Disaster records re-released both MANDATOR albums on CD. Marcel Verdurmen is still active in death metal band ALTAR and gothic band ORPHANAGE. Guitarist Luit de Jong is now known as Luit Dejo and is busy in the world of art. He’s a member of the 'Toyisten' group, which is a special kind of art.
(text conducted by Julian Klaassen)

Marcel Vedurmen - vocals / guitars (ex-VAULT, ex-ORPHANAGE, now in ALTAR)
Luit ‘Rejo’ De Jong - guitar
Hette Bonnema - bass
Walter Tjwa - drums
Peter Meijering - vocals
Claus van den Berg - drums
Jos ? - drums

*Initial Velocity (LP 1988)
*I Will Be Your Last (single 1988)
*Perfect Progeny (LP 1989)
*Strangled (Demo 1993)


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