M-BUSH - Heide (Noord-Brabant, NL) 1982 - disbanded


Formed in 1982 after guitarist Jos de Groot and bass player Perry Kuypers decided to start a new band. By attending hard rock bar 'De Bonte Os' a lot, they met drummer Mari van Dongen and singer Wim Kusters. The first years the band was in the rehearsal room, but pushed by manager Henk Lamers, they did their first gig in January 1984 under the name SATAN'S TERROR. However, soon after the gig they changed it to M-BUSH. Then another guitarist was added, Jan Raaymakers, who got replaced by Eric van der Ven. With this line-up, the band release a four track demo "Lie In Ambush" in 1984 with songs in the NWOBHM style. Especially, IRON MAIDEN and SAXON are their main influences. For example "First Strike" is a fast neck breaker, while "Fall Into Sin" starts like IRON MAIDEN’s ‘Two Minutes To Midnight". Good songs, but the vocals are out of tune here and there. "Take Control" is more SAXON like and a good mid tempo song. Highlight of the demo is "Promulgation", an instrumental song. It has a galloping start, but then moves faster resulting in some great guitar (twin) solos built around a great melody line. After this demo, the band released another one in 1988, had a lot of line-up changes and finally disbanded.
(text conducted by Stefan van Zijl)

Wim Kusters – vocals
Jos de Groot – guitars
Erik van der Ven – guitars (ex-BLACK MAIL, ex-BODINE)
Perry Kuypers – bass
Mari van Dongen – drums

*Lie In Ambush (Demo 1984)
*On The Loose (Demo 1988)


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