MESSINA - Heesch (Noord-Brabant, NL) 1988 - 199?


MESSINA was formerly known as ASSASSIN, which was formed in 1984. Due to the German band with the same name, they changed their name into MESSINA. If you listen to the lyrics of the song “Messina”, you can hear that this song was about their original bandname. Basically, they were just another Dutch thrash metal band, but the sound of their full-length album “Terrortory” from 1990 is more convincing than you might expect, which is very heavy and gritty. MESSINA's style somewhat resembles their fellow countrymen SACROSANCT, including strong vocals and heavy but repetitive riffs. Of course, there are few innovations on this album, but the band put enough power into their music to make it fairly notable. The songs are mostly very derivative and not too memorable on their own though the aggressive, energetic delivery almost makes up for it.
(text conducted by Toine van Poorten)

Chris Ploegmakers – vocals (ex-ASSASSIN)
Carlo van Nistelrooy – bass (ex-ASSASSIN)
Julian van den Berg – guitars (ex-ASSASSIN)
Erik Derijks – guitars (ex-DEAFEN, ex-ASSASSIN)
Richard Zopfi – drums (ex-DEAFEN, ex-PAZUZU)

*Live Demo (Demo 1989)
*Terrortory (CD 1990)


[Updated: March 12, 2013]