MORTAL SIN - Utrecht (Utrecht, NL) 1984 - ?


I wonder, if MORTAL SIN was some kind of new year's resolution? This band was formed on the 1st of January 1984. MORTAL SIN was formed in the town of Utrecht by five guys; Mike on vocals, Michel on lead guitars, Marcel on guitars, Peter on bass and Erik on drums. In 1985, they released their one and only four track demo "Death on Arrival". This demo is pretty discussable, so to say. While there's nothing wrong with the music (at least, for a demo) the vocals are pretty controversial. Obviously Mike wasn't the world's best singer at all. Next to that there's also a funny intro for "Love Breached Night" (You sex maniac!!!). After the release of the demo, Paul replaced Peter on bass. Both guys were members of a Holland thrash/death metal band, by the way. Peter was also in WIVERN later on, and nowadays still a drummer in thrash metal band X-TINXTION. Not much more is known about MORTAL SIN.
(text conducted by Julian Klaassen)

Mike Snider - vocals
Michel Smits - lead guitar
Marcel Dix - guitar
Peter Van Toren - bass
Paul Baars - bass
Erik Sloof drums

*Death on Arrival (Demo 1985)


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