MYSTO DYSTO - Coevorden (Drenthe, NL) 1983 - 1987


MYSTO DYSTO was formed in 1983 on a local high school in Coevorden. I hear you thinking: “Where the hell does that name come from??”. Well, the answer is simple but quite bizarre. MYSTO DYSTO named their band after an effect-pedal, which got very bad reviews! They started to do some gigs in small venues. Actually, they where pretty unique with their speed metal at that time. In 1984 the band releases its first demo, named “Heavy Guys Don’t Look Back” which contains seven tracks. In this time, MYSTO DYSTO did quite some concerts in bigger venues in Holland. In 1986 MYSTO DYSTO released their first (and only) LP “The Rules Have Been Disturbed”. This was a private press actually, limited to five hundred copies. Nowadays, it’s one of the most sought after records from Holland. One year later, the band recorded the “No Aids In Hell” demo, which they send to different labels. They got their entry in the Aardschok magazine and does pretty much live gigs. They also appear pretty much time in Vara’s Vuurwerk, a famous radio show of Henk Westbroek. Then a German record labels knocks on the MYSTO DYSTO door. But this label demands another name for the band. In Vara’s Vuurwerk, fans could choose a new name for the band. The new name will be MANDATOR. So in 1987 MYSTO DYSTO continues under the banner of MANDATOR.
(text conducted by Julian Klaassen)

Erik van der Heiden - vocals
Peter Meijerink - vocals
Luit ‘Dejo’ de Jong - guitar/bass
Marcel Verdurmen - guitar/bass (ex-VAULT)
Han Koops - bass
Claus van den Berg - drums

*Heavy Guys Don't Look Back (Demo 1984)
*The Rules Have Been Disturbed (LP 1986)
*No Aids In Hell(Demo 1987)


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