NATARAJ - Dordrecht (Zuid-Holland, NL) 1986 - 198?


Probably the best known hard rock band from Dordrecht. They started in the early 80s under the name JAWBREAKER. In ‘86, the band changed their name into NATARAJ and the band gets quite a reputation in their region, because of their excellent live gigs. In 1987 the single "Prophecy" is released with the mid tempo galloping song "Prophecy" on side A and the ballad "Hunting And Searching"on side B. Their HELLOISE style songs sounds well made. Especially "Hunting And Searching" is very suitable for the radio stations. Concerning the quality of this seven inch, the band deserved to release at leasst one full-length album. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Then a line-up change follows with as result that only Timothy v/d Holst and Jan Wesselink remain as original NATARAJ members. New members are Roel Sleifer on keyboards/vocals and Peter Heijningen on guitars. With this line-up, the band signs up for the talent scout festival Grote Prijs van Nederland. Result is, that they win the crowd's award. In 1989 they release a two track demo containing a ballad, "I Got To See You Now" and "Power Of Love", a mid tempo song in the SCORPIONS style. This is the last life sign from the band (as far as we know).
(text conducted by Stefan van Zijl)

Johan Posma – vocals
Roel Sleifer – keyboards/vocals
Eppo Franken – guitars
Tommy Punt – guitars
Peter Heijningen - guitars
Jan Wesselink – bass
Timothy v/d Holst - drums

*Prophecy/Hunting and Searching (7" single 1987) *Demo (Demo 1989)


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