NEXUS - Nieuwegein (Utrecht, NL) 1981 - 198?

NEXUS was founded in 1981 in Nieuwegein, a town in the middle of Holland. After playing in small venues and recording demos, the band decided not to sent any demos to record companies anymore. The band actually decided to record a full-lenght LP on their own. The recording took place in the 8-track studio of the famous Silvox studios. In 1982, they released their first (and last) LP "Gonna Find Out" under the name of Chamavia Records. Opener "Eyestealer" is a heavy rock song with a great NWOBHM feel. But also songs like "Gonna Find Out" or "Dreamchild" should appeal to all NWOBHM fans. Most attracting is the voice of singer Eric Visser. A typical love him or hate him vocalist. His very high voice (a bit in the Bert Kivits style) makes NEXUS sound different than a lot of other bands. The album was received pretty well by the press and in the same year the band appeared on the "Holland Heavy Metal Vol 2" LP with the live songs "The Ire" and "Salvation", which are also on the LP (of course as studio versions). Also live Eric sang as high as he could. It appeared this was the last life sign of NEXUS, which had a very short career.
(text conducted by Stefan van Zijl)

Eric Visser– vocals
Hans van den Akker – guitar
Andre Peek – bass
John Groenen – drums

*Gonna find out (LP 1982)
*Holland heavy metal pt. 2 (Compilation LP 1982; Tracks: "The Ire" (live) and "Salvation" (live))


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