OSIRIS - Kampen (Overijssel, NL) 1989 - 199?


OSIRIS is a metal band from Kampen, that can be seen as one of the most important techno-thrash bands from the late eighties/early nineties. The band members are influenced by the German band MEKONG DELTA and WATCHTOWER from the USA. The most striking about the band is their rather complex song structure and the skilled musicianship on their first demo “Inextricable Reversal” (1989). Dutch metal magazine Aardschok called them ‘the most promising Dutch metal band’ in their March 1990 issue. Shortly afterwards, OSIRIS signs a record deal with the German label Shark for three albums. Their debut CD “Futurity And Human Depressions” (1991) gets some wonderful response and the band decides to change their name into CIRCLE OF EMOTIONS. They release a cassette tape, called “Plan B” in 1993. Guitarists Geert Kerssies and Maurice Oudhoff join the hardcore band C OF E, and release the (one and only) album “Protect Me From What I Want” in 1999.
(text conducted by Toine van Poorten)

Bram van den Oever – vocals
Geert Kerssies - guitar
Maurice Oudhoff – guitar
Robbie Woning - guitar
René Bronwasser - bass
Marc Fien - drums

*Inextricable Reversal (Demo 1989)
*Equivocal Quiescence (Demo 1991)
*Futurity And Human Depressions (1991 CD)


[Updated: March 15, 2013]