PRINCESS - Werkendam (Noord-Brabant, NL) 1985 - 1986 (disbanded)


PRINCESS started out in 1985 and was founded by Gert-Jan van Straten, Jan Zwets and Paul Donkersloot. They came from a hardcore/punk band from the surroundings of Werkendam (N.Br.), called BRAIN SALAD. This band existed in the first part of the eighties and had Peter van de Elshout on drums, who later sang with HORIZON for a short period of time. Arjan de Groot was also a member of this band, who became the guitarist of BAD HABBIT at the end of the eighties. When they quit with BRAIN SALAD, they found a good drummer through Aardschok magazine, called Pieter Pruyn. Pieter lived in Vught (N.Br.) and the band had their rehearsal room there as well. Pieter played with Steven Highwoud (ALLIED FORCES) in TYRANT, who came from Breda (N.Br.). After writing a couple of songs together, they started to search for a suitable singer. After some auditions, they found their good friend Wilfred (who is Paul’s brother-in-law nowadays!). In 1985-1986 they played about fifteen gigs with bands such as RANDOM, ALLIED FORCES, SCARLET ANGEL, SALEM, etc. Halfway through 1986 they disbanded, because Pieter Pruyn and Jan Zwets wanted to move into a more symphonic direction. The three remaining members continued for a while, but it fell apart in the end. Which was a crying shame, because there was a lot of potential in this band. Their one and only demo from 1985 sold quite well for example. You can find a link to download this demo on Strappado Metal Blog. We don’t have a clue, who actually put it there, but the link is as dead as a doornail for a while now. After playing in several other bands over the years, like BUTTERFLY PIE, BEHIND THE SMILE and SIDEWAYS (among others), bass player Paul Donkersloot founded SEVENTH SEAL together with John Hoekwater (RANDOM, REBELL YELL, SHEBANG, etc.) and Walter Beijen (RENEGADE, GILGAMESJ, etc.). This happened about eight years ago. SEVENTH SEAL have been playing with the likes of GREAT WHITE (USA), SKULL FIST (CAN), ANGUS, DARK CRYSTAL, BULL’S EYE POWERROCK, LORD VULTURE and many more. They will play at Meesterlijk Metaal in Almere pretty soon. The future looks bright for SEVENTH SEAL.
(text conducted by Paul Donkersloot and translated by Toine van Poorten)

Wilfred Versteeg - vocals (ex-BE AS ONE, BEHIND THE SMILE)
Jan Zwets – guitar (died early 1990)
Gert-Jan van Straten – guitar (ex-SLUSH)
Paul Donkersloot – bass (ex-BEHIND THE SMILE, ex-SIDEWAYS, now in SEVENTH SEAL)
Pieter Pruyn – drums (now in rock cover band)

*Chapter 1 (Demo 1985)


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