PROUD EXISTENCE - The Hague (Zuid-Holland, NL) 1980 - 198? (disbanded)


‘There’s no existence like PROUD EXISTENCE’ is the slogan of this Dutch heavy metal band. Founded in the late seventies/early eighties by Coen Petri (guitar) and Ben Bijl (guitar), they completed their line-up with Rieko Twin (on bass), Gerard Thalen (drums) and Aad Vermeulen on vocals. After playing STATUS QUO like tunes for a few years, they decided to concentrate on a more heavy music style. Mainly because of their new drummer Rene Vletter, who came from TRAUMA and also brought along a new singer, Jan Harjus, who replaced Aad Vermeulen. This meant a new start for the band and also a new name, PROUD EXISTENCE (or short PXE). Their great guitarsolos are the strength of the band, but the rather moderate voice of Aad is a minor point. The most striking songs on their first demo are “Deliver Or Kill”, which has a typical IRON MAIDEN like intro, the ballad “Song For Medusa” and the hightlight “Thou Will be Revenged”. The dark intro, the high and low vocals and many speed changes reminds me a lot of MERCYFUL FATE. Timing is one of the most important facts here and you’ll only get that by doing a lot of practice. After all, it also took them four years to get there! This low budget demo was recorded in one take, but despite of that it creates a very good live atmosphere.
(text conducted by Toine van Poorten)

Alex Roest – vocals
Jan Harjus – vocals
Aad Vermeulen – vocals (early line-up)
Coen Petri – guitars
Ben Bijl – guitars
Rieko Twin – bass (early line-up)
Ron van Dijk – bass (ex-DEMENTIA)
Gerard Thalen – drums (early line-up)
Rene Vletter - drums

*Demo (Demo 1983)
*The Trial (EP 1984)
*Metal Power (Split single/EP 1985; Iceman Records)
*Teutonic Invasion Prt 2 (Compilation CD 1988; Roadrunner records)
Heavy Metal Superraritäten Vol. 5 199?: Westeuropa (Compilation CDR)
*The Trial (CD re-release 2016, incl. 1983 demo + one song 'Metal Power' split single; Killer Entertainment)


[Updated: March 22, 2017]