PUPPIES POWER - Oud Gastel (Noord-Brabant, NL) 1990 - 199? (disbanded)

The band with maybe the funniest band name on our list (together with BABY’S BREATH). Anyway, in early 1990, the band releases its first demo, called “Dream”. It’s clear, that their melodic hard rock is not of a very high level. “I Had A Dream” is an attempt to write a catchy song, but it doesn’t come out really. In 1992, they release a second demo “Born Cool”. This time they added a keyboard player, Margot Walet, to fill up the gaps. With a good result this time and the songs sounds much better than the first demo. It shows how a band can improve in almost two years. The ballad “Shot Me Down” is not a bad song, but too bad the singing of Remco is still quite weak. The band does have good musical ideas, but have problems to translate it into great songs.
(text conducted by Stefan van Zijl)

Remco Lite – vocals
Roland Broos – guitars
Edwin Roek – bass
Han Walet – drums
Margot Walet - keyboards

*Dream (Demo 1990)
*Born Cool (Demo 1992)


[Updated: April 12, 2013]