QUEST - Amsterdam (Noord-Holland, NL) 1988 - 2005 (disbanded)


In august 1988, ex-WARRIOR and ex-SECOND FACE frontman/bassplayer/entertainer Willem Ross teams up with former BLACK KNIGHT members Ron Moné, Rudo Plooy and Jenny van de Goor. Within six months the band does a few gigs and with newly written songs the band enters the Polderweg Studios in Amsterdam. Result is the demo "Searching For The Unknown". The music is melodic heavy metal with a raw edge to it. A short time later, the former BLACK KNIGHT members start up BLACK KNIGHT again and leave the band. Willem Ross decides to continue with QUEST and finds new members in Ian Karsten, Andreas Smits (ex-STORM) and Eddie Volkers. Over the following years the band plays quite some gigs and write new songs. Only on own recorded live shows, the songs can be heard. Good hard rock/heavy metal songs, in which twin guitar solos and Willem’s eccentric bass playing draws the attention. Their best period in QUEST’s history. The band appears on the compilation CD "Metal Trax part 2" with the song "Alien Invasion", a nine minute epic song. It’s clear Willem got influenced by bands like EUROPE in this song. "Alien Invasion" isn’t a bad melodic hard rock song, but it misses a good structure due its length probably. After the release the band still exists, but not much is heard from the band outside the rehearsal room. At the end of the nineties QUEST plays in a new line-up at the 'Heavy Metal Dag' in Hoogeveen. This as a three piece band, of course centered around Willem Ross. But again, it gets quiet again and then the news comes, that guitarist Eli left the band. A few years later Willem makes another attempt with another line-up. A few gigs and years later QUEST splits up. Willem doesn’t stop and in 2005 he comes back with, yes, another line-up. This time with John Spanjaart, drums, and Patrick Kruijer on guitars. The same year they change the band name into SPEEDCHASER (which is the title of a QUEST song). According to themselves ‘because of practical and promotional reasons’. A website is made and the band plays a few gigs in 2005. However in 2006, the website is already offline and nothing seems to be going on anymore. But with Willem Ross you never know. Just check the news section here every now and then. If we get any news, we will put it in there.
Note: The most memorable remark from Willem Ross is: "Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re gonna play a song from Ozzy Osdorp.....Paranoid!"
(text conducted by Stefan van Zijl)

Willem Ross – vocals/bass
Ron Moné – guitars (BLACK KNIGHT)
Ian Karsten – guitars
Andreas Smits – guitars (ex-STORM, ex-VICKBECK, now in PLUIS EN DE STRUIKROVERS)
Sven Bollemeijer - guitars
Eli – guitars
Patrick Kruijer - guitars (ANGUS)
Jenny van de Goor – keyboards (ex-BLACK KNIGHT)
Rudo Plooy – drums (BLACK KNIGHT)
Eddie Volkers – drums
Fred van Hensbergen – drums
John Spanjaart – drums

*Searching For The Unknown (Demo 1989)
*Metal Trax pt. 2 (Compilation CD 1994; track "Alien Invasion")


[QUEST in Hoogeveen 1999 @ Heavy Metal Dag by Rita van Poorten]

[Updated: April 13, 2013]