RESTLESS - Drachten (Friesland, NL) 1987 - 1995 (disbanded)


RESTLESS was a melodic hardrock band from Drachten, Friesland. The band existed from 1987 until 1995 in several line-ups. RESTLESS released four demos in its entire existence of which the first two were the most successful. These two demos were both released in 1988, which was the most successful year of the band. The band even won the second prize on a local talent festival called ‘De kleine prijs van Sneek’ and RESTLESS played on the very first edition of the Waldrock festival, which is now one of the biggest festivals in Holland. The first demo was chosen as ‘Demo Of The Week’ on the national radioprogramm "Vara's Vuurwerk"(which unfortunately doesn't exist anymore). The two other demos got good reviews too, but the band faced hard times, when in this period heavy metal and hardrock was almost dead. This meant the end for the band, which resulted in the band splitting up. Bass player Jan Siebe Veenstra and drummer Durk de Haan are now playing in a stoner rock band, called SUPERBUG. Since the band was featured ("Looking out for number 1" from their second demo) on the 3rd "Heavy Metal Maniacs" compilation, they did a reunion gig in April 2004 on the release party of the compilation album. In former hardrock café So What in Ede, RESTLESS played some own songs like "Robot man", "Looking out for number 1” and a few covers from bands like SAXON and BLACK SABBATH.
(text conducted by Stefan van Zijl)

Luitzen Boelens – vocals (R.I.P. 2010)
Wierd Oosterloo – guitar
Robby de Vries – guitar
Jan Siebe Veenstra – bass (SUPERBUG)
Ienke Frankes – drums
Jack Schurer – drums
Durk de Haan – drums (SUPERBUG)

*Demo I (Demo March 1988)
*Demo II (Demo October 1988)
*Demo III (Demo 1991)
*Demo IV (Demo 1993)
*The demo's I & II (independent CDR 2004, including the first two demos)


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