REVENGE - Almelo (Overijssel, NL) early 1980 - early 1990 (disbanded)


REVENGE started out in the early eighties. However, the band really got noticed in 1984, when they appear with two tracks, “Evil” and “Get Lost” on the Dutch Steel LP. At that time, the band has Heleen Heine on vocals. Quite rare, as there were not that many female singers in the early 80s period (in the Dutch metal scene). The only problem was, that Heleen was a bit of a weak singer. The Dutch Steel LP didn’t gave the band the success it was looking for. So they fired Heleen and took Freddy Derks as her replacement. With him on vocals, they released in 1985 the 4-track demo “Vengeance”. Freddy proved, that he suited much better in the band with his powerful voice, sounding a bit like Klaus Meine of the SCORPIONS. On the vinyl front, they get a second chanche, as they can add two songs on the “Heavy Touch” compilation LP. “Loosin My Mind” and ”To Survive” are the REVENGE songs on the LP. Some time later the band returns to the studio to make another demo. This time with another drummer, as Rudy Marissen moves to EMERALD and is being replaced by Menno Menzo. In 1986, the band released a four track demo, called “risoner”. With an impressive sound and well-written songs, the bands makes a great demo. Like their earlier demo, the “Prisoner” demo proves that the band really deserved a record deal for a REVENGE LP instead of appearing on compilation albums. The band stays around in the metal scene after 1986 and take control themselves and in early 1989 they release a seven inch single paid by the band. On side A, there’s “Wild Nights”, which is is a good uptempo track. On side B there is “Dreams”, which is a ballad. Good quality stuff, but too average. The single doesn’t help the band any further as well and after many years, the band splits up in the early nineties.

(text conducted by Stefan van Zijl)

Heleen Heine - vocals
Freddy Derks – vocals
Bert Prins – guitars
Arjen Jansen – bass
Menno Menzo – drums
Rudy Marissen - drums (later in EMERALD)

*Dutch Steel (Compilation LP 1984; Tracks: “Evil” & “Get Lost”)
*Vengeance (Demo 1985)
*The Heavy Touch (Compilation LP 1985; Tracks: “To Survive” & “Losin' My Mind”)
*Prisoner (Demo 1986)
*Wild Nights b/w Dreams (Single 1989)


[Updated: March 25, 2015]