RISE & BURN - Stadskanaal (Groningen, NL) early 1985 – 1990 (reformed in 2013)


It’s the early years of the 1980’s in the twentieth century. After listening to “Tokyo Tapes”, the live album in 1978 of the German hardrock band the SCORPIONS, guitarist HJ Vermeulen decided to form his own band. He searched and found a few friends in Stadskanaal (Groningen area) to realize his goal. With brother Floris Vermeulen on bass, singer Hugo Koch and musical mastermind Etienne van Leeuwen on drums, HJ founded the first line-up of RISE & BURN. They put together a repertoire and very soon the guys were playing at local clubs and parties in and around the area of Stadskanaal. They even played some shows with VULTURE, ASGARD, MYSTO DYSTO, ANGELDUST and JEWEL. Their set consists of cover songs from HENDRIX, DEEP PURPLE, SCORPIONS, UFO, MALMSTEEN and a few tryouts of self-written songs. Very soon the first cracks appear and drummer Adam Wachters replaces Etienne van Leeuwen and Rene Muthert becomes the successor of Hugo Koch. RISE & BURN blossoms to another dimension, but it doesn’t last long and eventually the band breaks up.
After being inactive in the music scene for many years, HJ Vermaulen decides to revitalize RISE & BURN in February 2013. At the legendary Wänkfest in Nieuw Buinen, the original line-up gets together for a reunion show. They like it so much, that two other shows follow from that. RISE & BURN has found a new way to continue their quest, which suits all the band members. Their starting point will be playing seventies hardrock songs and from there on, they will continue writing their own songs and building up their own repertoire by which they can play in and around the area of Stadskanaal. To be continued!

(text translated and adjusted from their Facebook page)

Hugo Koch – lead vocals
Rene Muthert – lead vocals (replacing Hugo Koch)
Hendrik Jan Vermeulen – guitar
Paulus Muller - bass
Floris Vermeulen – bass
Willem Jan Kedderman – bass
Andre van der Werf – bass
Jonathan Koning – bass
Harm ten Hoove – bass
Dennis Hemstra – bass
Adam Wachters - drums
Etienne van Leeuwen – drums
Gerard Doeve – drums
Rudolf Tobben – drums
Harrie Groenewold – drums

No demos or vinyl singles have been released. They only have rehearsal tapes and live shows on tape.


[Updated: March 25, 2015]