SAVIOUR - Spijkenisse (Zuid-Holland, NL) 1990 - 1994 (disbanded)


SAVIOUR is probably the only black hard rock band we have on this site. Original coming from Surinam (old Dutch colony), two brothers Roy and Ryan Tel decide to start a hard rock band with some friends. In 1990, they release a 2-track demo tape. Their music is full with influences from bands like DIO, WHITESNAKE and DOKKEN. It’s straight forward hard rock with rough vocals and good guitar work. Here and there, they also added some keyboard parts. Nothing wrong with that! The band released a full-length CD in 1993, called “Abracadabra”, which sounds more like thrash metal. Shortly afterwards, Roy Tel went to Surinam and the band got disbanded. Years later, they got reformed under a new band name, called THIRD EYE, which was changed into DARK ROSES in 2006. They released a demo in 2007, called “Apocalypto” and disbanded shortly after that. The brothers Tel are still active in the area of Rotterdam under the name of TRANZLATE.
(text conducted by Stefan van Zijl and updated by Toine van Poorten)

Roy ‘Michael Gillio’ Tel – vocals (ex-THIRD EYE, ex-DARK ROSES, TRANZLATE)
Kenny G. Love – bass
Danny S. Samsin – guitar (ex-DARK ROSES)
Ryan ‘Marley Rose’ Tel – drums (ex-THIRD EYE, ex-DARK ROSES, TRANZLATE)

*Demo (Demo 1990)
*Abracadabra (CD 1993)


[Updated: March 28, 2015]