SECOND HELL - Hoogland, Amersfoort, Nijkerk (Utrecht, NL) 1983 - 1986; 2007 - ? (disbanded)


SECOND HELL is a thrash/speed metal band from the area of Hoogland, Amersfoort and Nijkerk in the region of Utrecht. They released a 4-song demo in 1985 and appeared on a split single, called “Metal Madness” with SKULL CRUSHER in 1986. After SECOND HELL had officially been declared dead, its former members joined other bands (for instance THANATOS). Then, years later, Mark Staffhorst (ex-THANATOS, VIRTUAL, ex-PROJECT PAIN) felt like reviving the old thrash metal band and contacted drummer Gert-Jan de Bruin(DECISIVE INTRUSION, ex-FUR). He, in turn, asked Leander Doornekamp (BANEBLADE, ex-FUR) to play bass in this project. The latter anxiously agreed. For a guitarist, the founder of the band, Iron Vyron, was contacted but he could not take the time and effort for this project due to his job. Then, former member Erwin de Brouwer (also ex-THANATOS) was asked, and he willingly agreed to join forces. A singer was needed so Mark contacted THANATOS and asked Stephan Gebédi to do the vocals. At first, this was not a problem but after a while Gebédi decided it was best to quit, due to vocal problems. Unfortunately, SECOND HELL was once again without a front man. Fortunately, after rehearsing for quite some time without a singer the band contacted Aloys Smit (ex-DFDMF, MORGOTH, MALFUNCTION and a roadie from the old days) to perform his vocal duties. He willingly agreed. However, vocal injuries struck again and after a month or two of rehearsal Aloys decided to quit. This, again, left the band without a front man and thus without the ability of performing. Yet, the band is now looking if they can combine singing with guitar playing, so the direct need of a singer is no longer an option.
(text conducted by Toine van Poorten)

Erwin de Brouwer – guitars (ex-ENDOR, ex-THANATOS) [2007- ]
Mark Staffhorst – guitars (ex-MALFUNCTION, ex-VIRTUAL, ex-PROJECT PAIN, ex-TDW, ex-THANATOS, PROJECT PAIN) [2007 -]
Robin Buenk - bass
Leander Doornekamp – bass (ex-BANEBLADE, ex-FUR) [2007 - ]
Peter van de Veen – drums (ex-D.F.R.A.D.M.F., ex-D.F.R.A.S.)
Gert-Jan de Bruin – drums (INTRUSION, ex-DECISIVE INTRUSION, FUR, ex-TDW) [2007 - ]
Evert Dekker – vocals
Vyron Lymberopoulos - vocals/guitars
Stephan Gebédi – vocals (ex-LEGION, HAIL OF BULLETS, THANATOS) [2007]
Aloys Smit - vocals (ex-DFDMF, MORGOTH, MALFUNCTION)[2007]

*Prophets Of Hell (Demo 1985)
*Metal Deadness (split single Killer Elite 1986)


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