SECOND SKIN - Veendam (Groningen, NL) 1981 - 1984


SECOND SKIN was formed in 1981 by drummer Luuk Visscher from Delfzijl and guitarist Marinus Elzinga from Groningen. Soon vocalist Harry Kwant and bassist Henk Freij joined SECOND SKIN. Shortly after, Henk leaves and Freddie Espeldoorn steps in, who leaves the band very soon and is replaced by Hans Steneker. To make the story even more confusing, Hans also leaves the band and is replaced by Fred Jacquet, who is an asset for the band when it comes to doing backing vocals as well. The band records its first release, simply named “First Life”, which is a mini LP. It was recorded at the K & M Studios in Holland in eight hours. SECOND SKIN also appeared on the legendary “Holland Heavy Metal pt. 2” compilation with two tracks. Early 1983, Marinus Elzinga announces he’ll quit the band. SECOND SKIN starts the search for a good guitarist and songwriter. They find one in the person of Erwin Jawa, who played with HERMAN BROOD (a famous Dutch artist/musician/junkie - R.I.P.). SECOND SKIN plays some concerts, mainly in Holland and Germany. They also appeared in the legendary Countdown Café (a live program where bands played, which was broadcasted on the radio). They also did a lot of opening slots for VANDENBERG. SECOND SKIN played pretty USA-styled hard rock at that time. However, the band decided to split up and on the 29th of December 1984 they did their goodbye gig on the Sodom Rock festival in Winschoten. Most of the band members appeared in rock/blues bands later on. In 1994, SECOND SKIN does some reunion concerts, which was all initiated by guitarist Marinus Elzinga. Drummer Luuk Visscher and Harry Kwant (who was a painter) passed away in 2006. On November 15, 2008, Marinus Elzinga, Hans Steneker and Fred Jacquet of SECOND SKIN and some guest players play a special show during the Poparchief Groningen music afternoon ‘Van Dommering tot Dekker’ at the Grand Café Jan Dekker in Winschoten. A couple of months later, on April 13, 2009 the afore mentioned members of SECOND SKIN play with almost the same line-up at café ‘t Lokaal in Dijlfzijl. The special occasion is ‘Kleintje Springpop’, which celebrates the memory of Springpop 25 years ago. Next to SECOND SKIN, the band THE SYNDICATE is on the bill as well. If anyone has pictures of these events, please share them with us – thank you!
(text conducted by Toine van Poorten)

Harry Kwant – vocals (ex-SKELLINGTON)(R.I.P)
Marinus Elzinga - guitars, vocals (ex-HIGHWAY, ex-SOULRAYS, SOULTRAIN, ROLLIN’ MAN)
Freddie Espeldoorn - bass
Luuk Visscher – drums (R.I.P)
Henk Freij – bass (ex-SLISZ, CARPEDIEM) [1981-1982]
Hans Steneker – bass (SOULRAYS, ROLLIN’MAN)
Fred Jacquet – bass (ex-SPEX, BIG BAM BOOM BAND)

*First Life (MLP Universe Productions 1982)
*Holland Heavy Metal pt.2 (Compilation LP 1982)


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