SOLID STEEL - Beetgum (Friesland, NL) 1988 - 198? (disbanded)


Originating from Friesland, SOLID STEEL released in 1990 the 4-track demo “Flight Of The Condor”. It shows, that we have to deal here with three guys, who play in a band just for the fun of it. The demo lacks a lot of things. Musically, the guys probably still didn’t finish their music lessons, because many mistakes can be heard. The vocals are here and there out of tune. Surprisingly enough, the production is quite ok. Title track “Flight Of The Condor” isn’t a bad song. The song manages to stay in your head for some strange reason. All songs are quite catchy heavy metal stuff. But overall, it’s very understandable that this band never released anything on vinyl or CD. The demo belongs in the lower regions of the metal division, but it's still worth mentioning on this site though.

(text conducted by Stefan van Zijl)

Gerrit – vocals/guitars
Henk – bass
Jan – drums

*Flight of the Condor (Demo 1990)


[Updated: May 21, 2015]