SPOILER - Sliedrecht (Zuid-Holland, NL) 1980 - 1986 (disbanded)


SPOILER was formed after THE CRASH disbanded. Where THE CRASH concentrated on playing ska music, SPOILER followed the path of hard rock with a feel for melody, but also some metallic corners. SPOILER released two demos, which were followed by a track on the third edition of the Metal Power seven inches. This track was one of their best so far. It's a real straight forward heavy metal song with classic riffs, which deserves the monicker heavy indeed. Through their frequently live shows and rock-hard rehearsals, the band is able to play a lot of support shows with the likes of VANDENBERG, PICTURE, VENGEANCE and the Belgian acts BLACK WIDOW and OSTROGOTH. In 1986, SPOILER released a seven inch picture disc single, called "Kick Down The Wall", backed with a balled, called “Star Bind Child”. Unfortunately, it didn’t bring the band the success they aimed for and decided to make some changes. The band felt the need to make their music maybe a little more attractive. They started using make-up, line-up changes followed and not really much was ever heard from SPOILER after that.

(text conducted by Toine van Poorten)

Bert Verschoor – vocals/rhythm guitar (ex-RANDOM, now in SEVENTH SEAL)
Ton Melkert – vocals
Rene Vane – guitar
William De Wit – guitar
Jack Wandemaker – bass
Henk Mijnster - drums

*Demo 1 (Demo 1983; “Are You Ready” and “Desolation Angel”)
*Metal Power Vol. 3 (compilation 7" 1984; track “Are You Ready”)
*Demo II (Demo 1986; “Kick Down The Wall”, “Star Blind Child”, “Rebel Queen” and “Nightfire”)
*Kick Down The Wall (7" picture disc flexi single 1986)


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