SWORD - Haarlem (Noord-Holland, NL) 1982 - 1986 (disbanded)


After studying classic guitar for five years, Henky Backer decides to transform a Beethoven piece into a guitar piece and name it OPUS 61. But the group what Henky formed to play it live doesnt get the chance to do that, mainly because of its pretentious character.
Then, at the end of 1982, Henky and his bass player, Erik Meijer, decide to start a heavy metal band where they also could put in their classical influences. A few years before YNGWIE MALMSTEEN claimed his fame. What follows is another story of many line-up changes. At the first gig Arnold Presburg was the drummer with Cor Meyer on vocals. In August 1983, singer Katrien van den Berg took over Cors mic. It was just before the support gig for LOUDNESS at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. Soon after that Arnold and Katrien got replaced by Maurice Danil Hirschaut on vocals and Cock Krouwels on drums. In this line-up the band records at the end of 1983/early 1984 the brilliant seven inch single "Ive Been Trying b/w "Excalibur". Especially Henky shows what a brilliant guitarist he is with his fast and furious solos. This single is truly one of the highlights of my Holland Heavy Metal collection! In January 1984, Maurice has to leave the band again due to personal problems. His replacement became Peter Ort, who was formerly active on the FRANKIE WOODHOUSE LP. Some time later also Cock leaves the band and probably through Peter, the band drummer Frankie Woodhouse takes his drum seat. But not long after that Frankie got replaced by Henkie Mulder, who was just eighteen at the time. The band gigs a lot and at one of the gigs, in Helmond, the band records it and releases it later as a live demo. At this time serious plans are made for a full-length album. Pre-recordings are made. But the band is having trouble to release the album. Then Peter gets tired of waiting for the release and quits and got replaced by George Peters. In the new line-up they record the demo "Mirage/The Spy". Then at the mid of 1986 the band change their name into JEWEL, because of the many SWORD's around. So the story continues on the JEWEL band page!
(text conducted by Stefan van Zijl)

Cor Meyer vocals
Katrien van den Berg vocals
Maurice Danil Hirschhaut vocals
George Peters - vocals
Peter Ort vocals (ex-GARLAND)
Henky Backer guitars
Erik Meyer bass
Arnold Presburg drums
Cock Krouwels drums
Frankie Woodhouse drums (ex-LADY, FRANKIE WOODHOUSE)
Henkie Mulder - drums

*Ive Been Trying b/w Excalibur(Single 1984)
*Live In Helmond (Demo 1986)
*Mirage/The Spy (Demo 1986) *Heavy Metal Maniacs Vol.3 (compilation CD 2004; "Excalibur")

(Sword/Jewel reunion pic 2015)

[Updated: May 22, 2015]