TEMPTER - Rotterdam (Zuid-Holland, NL) 1985 - 1989 (disbanded)


As second biggest city of Holland, Rotterdam spawned forth some pretty well-known Dutch bands like HIGHWAY CHILE and VULTURE. Luckily, there’s more to discover in the vaults of Rotterdam, like TEMPTER. TEMPTER started somewhere in 1985 when Matt Verschoor, René Willebrand, Ed Warby, Robert Soeterbroek and Jan Zwager collided to make some heavy/doom metal. Soon they started writing songs, which resulted into recording their first demo (recorded live) named “Wheelchair Killer”. Soon a man named Bram Kloos offered them a record deal on his label Megaton (EMERALD, EXISES). But mister Kloos wasn’t actually the best businessman in the world, so while TEMPTER was recording the demo, his record label went bankrupt. TEMPTER decided to continue and release the demo anyway. Ed Warby left the band and was replaced by Richard van Leeuwen. TEMPTER then released their official first demo, called “Moral Constraints”. This demo contains three fantastic tracks, which match a bit with bands like SOLITUDE AETERNUS, CANDLEMASS, MERCYFUL FATE and BLACK SABBATH. Afterwards Robert Soeterbeek left the band and was replaced by ex-VALKYRIE singer Eric Smits. TEMPTER followed into a more progressive and technical direction. With this line-up TEMPTER went to the Tango studio in Eindhoven and recorded the “Lamentations” demo there. This two tracker showed a more technical approach of the band, which they did with class actually. They even got a good review in the Aardschok magazine, but the demo didn’t really sell much. The main reason was the impopularity of this style during that time. Matt Verschoor left the band and was replaced by Ruud Vermeulen. TEMPTER then changed the name into WALKIN' THE WHEEL, which ceased to exist after a while. Nice to mention is that almost all (ex)members of TEMPTER are still into music. Eric Smits is in CASUAL SILENCE, Robert Soeterbeek has different projects (like AYREON), Ed Warby is still famous with all his projects like GOREFEST and René Willebrand and Matt Verschoor are in MR. MOONLIGHT. It’s uncertain if something will happen with the two TEMPTER demos. At least, the high-class songs really deserve to be pressed on CD sometime.
(text conducted by Julian Klaassen)

Eric Smits - vocals (ex-VALKYRIE)
Robert Soeterbroek – vocals (ex-VULTURE, ex-HIGHWAY CHILE)
René Willebrand – guitars
Jan Zwager - guitars (ex-VULTURE, ex-AGGRESSOR)
Matt Verschoor – bass (EAR DANGER)
Ruud Vermeulen - bass
Ed warby – drums (ex-VALKYRIE, ex-AGGRESSOR)
Richard van Leeuwen - drums (ex-VULTURE, ex-EXTERMINATOR, ex-FLYER)

*Moral Constraints (Demo 1985)
*Wheelchair Massacre (Demo 1985)
*Lamentations (Demo 1987)
*Reh. 4/1987 (Demo 1987)


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