THOR - unknown (Friesland, NL) 1982 - 1985 (disbanded)


In February 1982, the band from Friesland starts as ENGINE, but after a short while they change their name into THOR (strange because the Canadian THOR were also already around). The band is heavily influence by bands as JUDAS PRIEST, ACCEPT and the SCORPIONS. So much that the guitarist reconstruct his guitar into a Flying V! That’s not really unusual, if you have them in your band logo. The band gets quite popular in Friesland. Mainly because there aren’t many Frisian HM bands. But there were a lot of hungry Frisian headbangers in those days. In 1983, the band makes a demo tape, which was mainly recorded for the promoters, which made it pretty hard to get for the fans. A year later a second 4 track demo is released, containing the songs "Get Lost", "Sinner’s Fake", "Metal Thinking" and "Broken Brakes". Four good heavy Metal songs, but not too spectacular. At this time Herman Rooswinkel is the only guitarist as Henk van der Laar left the band earlier that time. On the live front the band does a lot of gigs, including a support gig for VANDENBERG. In the second half of the eighties not much is heard from the band, so we assume, that the band split up around the mid eighties.
(text conducted by Stefan van Zijl)

Sietze Braaksma – vocals
Herman Rooswinkel – guitars
Henk van der Laar - guitars
Age Zalmstra – bass
Meinte Terpstra - drums

*Demo I (Demo 1983)
*Demo II (Demo 1984)


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